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Payment options at CLICKBROKEN LTD

CCBill: Pay by credit card, credits are added to your account immediately

SMS: pay by sms send the keyword kreditter + nickname to 2226 or 2098 for Norway, the service costs 200 NOK for every sent sms. One example if your nickname is petter you will send in one sms the words "kreditter petter" to 2226 or 2098.

We will give you up to 75% FREE credits for purchase of special packages:
139,99 Euro 7500 credits (4500 + 3000 FREE credits) for only 0.93 euro per message
199,99 Euro for 11,000 credits (6500 + 4500 FREE credits) for only 0.9 euro per message
299,99 Euro for 17,500 credits (10000 + 7500 FREE credits) for only 0.85 euro per message

For smaller packages:
89,99 euro for 3,500 credits
49,99 euro for 1500 credits

Upon payment send mail to [email protected] then credits added to your account immediately.